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Featuring a classic design brought to life by technology, the Glamster is a new neo-classic full-face helmet that's both classic in style but also fully functional.

With elements such as the iconic ducktail shape of the SHOEI Neo- Classic series as well as a lower air intake with a stylistic design and more, we designed the Glamster in the style of a classic on-road full-face helmet.


  • Shield

The Glamster uses our new flat-design CPB-1V shield/visor, which goes along well with the helmet's classic onroad full-face design. The shield/visor moves in an eccentric line when it is closed or opened, which prevents it from rubbing against the window beading for smooth operability. The window beading also matches the helmet's classic design, while its rim shape enhances airtightness. The Glamster makes your riding more comfortable with the latest features in the style of a classic.

  • Pinlock EVO lens

A PINLOCK® EVO lens comes as standard equipment to prevent shield/visor fogging and ensure clear visibility in rainy weather or when it is cold or humid outside.

  • Ventilation

The Glamster features a lower air intake on either side of the chin bar, which was painstakingly designed to emphasize a classic style. These shutterless intakes are designed to be always open, with aluminium mesh filters that accent the design.

The front air intake on the front of the helmet runs through the air channels of the impact-absorbing liner and is discharged from the base of the neck. This ensures that the inside of the helmet remains comfortable even when riding on a hot day.

  • Comfortable interior

As with other SHOEI Neo-Classic series helmets, raised fabric is used inside the helmet. Synthetic nubuck leather is used on the area close to the eye port to cut down on shield/visor glare.

S2ynthetic leather is used on the parts where the skin tends to rub against the fabric when the rider puts on or takes off the helmet. This material has a glossy look that is less susceptible to soiling. All interior parts can be removed and washed to keep them clean and sanitary.

  • Emergency Quick Release System

The E.Q.R.S. (Emergency Quick Release System) allows the helmet to be easily removed by someone else, in the event that the rider is in an accident and requires rapid emergency assistance.

The E.Q.R.S. features a special ribbon on the cheek pads that hold the rider’s cheeks, which can be pulled during an emergency to remove the cheek pads from the helmet. This allows the helmet to be easily removed from the head of the rider who needs emergency assistance.

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